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The “Dude, Check This Out” Moment, or How I Learned To Love Sales


I’m not a salesman.

Truthfully, it’s not likely I’ll ever be one either……when a prospect or client is excited for the thrill of negotiation or wants a hard sell, I’m really not the guy you want in the room.

But I dig humans and good structure. I think a lot about what makes us run, and how we can be of help to each other

And when you get me in a room with other people who are looking to solve problems there is usually an instant connection.

Recently I got a chance to meet someone I know through one of my favorite blogs, SpinSucks.

You can read about her here, and you should, because Rebecca Todd is an awesome human to know. She’s a global sales rep for a Canadian publishing house and is really, really good at what she does.

Rebecca was in town this week for a few meetings, and she and Dwayne Alicie, another digital contact, finally moved into the Real, Live Friend category for me. It was surprising and great how quickly we all got on the same page. We talked about work, building a career, how  to make meaningful connections, and even a bit about sales.

That last thing got me to thinking about how my career the last few years has been focused on a mix of operations and client services, and although I’ve had plenty of contact with prospective clients what I’m doing now for Visually is really the first sales position I’ve been in.

I was a little nervous about that fact. But after a few weeks, I’ve started thinking about it differently. Heck, sometimes I even tell clients that I’m not really a sales guy. And they don’t seem to mind. Sure, occasionally I run up against someone who is looking to Get Serious With This Salesguy From Visually, but for the most part it’s been to my advantage (I may not be a salesperson, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid).

The best connections I’ve had in the last month all shared a similar moment that up until now I thought happened mostly outside of work.

It’s what I like to call the “Dude, Check This Out” moment.

We all have that moment, even if we don’t realize it. It’s the instant recognition that Someone Else Totally Has To See This Video Of A Cat

Of course it functions a little differently in a work environment…it’s less casual, and you have to be thoughtful about your audience, but the underlying connection of that moment is the same. It’s about connecting to another human being, and sharing what you think is interesting and/or useful.

Maybe they buy your product or service right away, maybe they don’t. But if you let them know that you are interested in understanding what their environment and/or responsibilities are like, and share a Dude Check It Out Moment, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll consider you an expert and/or friend. And we buy from experts and friends.


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