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The only question that means anything when deciding who to do business with or for




I’ll tell you a secret.

People think a hiring decision, from both sides, is difficult.

The truth is, it’s not that hard to figure out. You can pretty much tell in the first 5 minutes, and often in the first 90 seconds.

There’s one question in particular that you can use to your advantage whether you are a job hunter or an employer: “What matters to you, and why?”

There are a few different stock responses to that question, the most common one is to have someone start reciting their resume, or if you are hiring a vendor or a PR firm you might get a recitation of their experience in the field. Neither of which is very interesting.

The only response that means anything is when you see someone’s eyes light up because you just asked them the magic question: what do you really love, and why does it get you up in the morning?

A potential client or employer should be able to answer that question in 30-90 seconds.

Any other response means they are, at best, qualified for a standard “cog in the machine” position and lord help you if you give them direct reports or ownership over any type of vision related work for your company.

Try it, I’ll be shocked if you tell me you can’t leverage it to your advantage.


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This entry was posted on May 23, 2013 by in Belief, Impressions.
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