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Impressions happen when everyone’s looking at the other hand

What’s real in this picture?

Watching this obviously fake UFO video the other day I was struck by something:

The commentary all revolved around calling it out as a hoax, but only a couple of people noticed that the entire video was CGI.

How many times are we captivated by something that seems dramatic or impossible when the ordinary or everyday is just as powerful?

It’s a baseline question that companies/organizations should ask themselves. Failing to consider the entire picture is dangerous, yet it happens frequently. The truth is that when we take the time to look into things more, surprising answers emerge.

For example if the organization in question is the state of Louisiana, they might find out that 1/2 an inch of erosion per year on seafront land is as dangerous as a more dramatic event (say, a hurricane).


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This entry was posted on February 12, 2013 by in data, Impressions.
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