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The “Dude, Check This Out” Moment, or How I Learned To Love Sales

I’m not a salesman. Truthfully, it’s not likely I’ll ever be one either……when a prospect or client is excited for the thrill of negotiation or wants a hard sell, I’m really … Continue reading

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The only question that means anything when deciding who to do business with or for

    I’ll tell you a secret. People think a hiring decision, from both sides, is difficult. The truth is, it’s not that hard to figure out. You can pretty … Continue reading

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HR and understanding employees through data

“Understanding the customer” is a mantra many companies are now using (those that aren’t are probably in big trouble now that social business is the future). But how many companies … Continue reading

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If you’re curious, here’s how not to make an infographic

If you’re looking for an example of what not to do when it comes to infographics, you need look no further than this troubling and not particularly useful infographic / … Continue reading

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How SendGrid and PlayHaven bungled the Adria Richards situation and how they could have fixed it

Tech companies are doing it all wrong. If you haven’t heard, Developer Evangelist Adria Richards was fired yesterday. The controversy stems from a decision she made last week at PyCon … Continue reading

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Why you should care how people change their minds

When the presidential election swung into full force last fall, the usual accusations of flip flopping surfaced. Obama reversed previous promises to make civil liberties a priority, to the point … Continue reading

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Impressions happen when everyone’s looking at the other hand

Watching this obviously fake UFO video the other day I was struck by something: The commentary all revolved around calling it out as a hoax, but only a couple of … Continue reading

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